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This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles. 

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Let us show you how others are making $10,000 plus, per month, part-time with this portable business system.

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Tonielle Christensen

Founder of 

Time To Thrive

Hello, I am Tonielle and I am fortunate to run my online business in an industry that I'm truly grateful for...personal development. 

My love of coaching and assisting people to thrive is constantly evolving in this space. I get paid to grow and I can work from anywhere in the world with just my laptop and phone.  

Whilst I do love travel, I really enjoy working from the comfort of my rural home, which means I can eat fresh from my edibles gardens and choose my hours around my creative endeavours. This means time freedom and being present with my children!

A bit about me...I'm an Aussie, living in tropical far north Queensland in Kuranda, the Village in the Rainforest and love plants,  dancing, and yoga on my deck. Nature is my go-to source of inspiration and I am often referred to as Earth Mumma. As a serial entrepreneur, I have also made an impact in the Permaculture Industry as an educator and have produced online courses such as the Nature Kids Club Permaculture Program for Families. 

I have a big vision for my life, which is why I am here, forever grateful to be working smarter, not harder (you can read more about that below!).  

My favourite hobby is gardening. I have an abundant permaculture garden growing organic produce and this is me grounding in my medicinal Brahmi patch.

Socialising with friends for a song circle by my pool. 

Our family 'fun day' Sunday at Port Douglas. This is a weekly non-negotiable adventure for us. 

No shoes and nice views; pretty much how I work! Be it at home or away on holidays, we enjoy more regular break aways now with this flexibility. 

My passion is mentoring and working with motivated individuals around the world, who want to create time freedom and flexibility on their own terms, with an intention to truly Thrive = flourish and prosper. 

What brought me here:  I didn't always have this lifestyle freedom and I knew I needed a change of direction. I was unhappy and burnt out in the company I had built up over 5 years which was a landscaping business. It required long hours, managing staff and sleepless nights, with stock, storage and transport to constantly organise and overheads were through the roof. Then the wet season would come and create challenges with logistics! My children were missing out on quality time and so was I. In comparison to what I know now, it was a minimal financial return for the effort and time put in. 

Then I started searching for a  way to work smarter, not harder.  Work-life balance was beckoning.  I felt like I had no time to enjoy my family, socialise with friends or relax in my lovely home. I was burnt out and needed to fill my cup.  At rock bottom, I made a life decision that I wanted to work smarter, not harder, so chose to step aside from my company for new horizons.  I hired a coach, which was the mindset shift and support I needed to raise my game and design the life I desired.

What led me to success? I have a very strong and steadfast belief in the value of personal development from the results I experienced in my own life and now, witnessing with my clients. This love of learning how to be a better version of myself led me to gain my Master's in Coaching and NLP and to gain the wisdom of self-leadership.  

When lockdowns and mandates came into play, I realised I wanted a more resilient income stream and a greater level of autonomy. So, I got super clear on what a quality life meant for me and then devoted all of my energy to finding a better way to achieve my dreams for financial success and lifestyle freedom. 

This business has provided a place for me to Thrive. You can imagine how profound it was to find a business in the Personal Development industry. I got my groove back and am thrilled to be here today, where I get to turn my passion into profits aka I get paid to grow.  Right place, right time, onwards and upwards!

I now work with big thinkers who have the motivation to create this level of success with a simple and portable business with a work-life balance. 

Is it your time to thrive? If you are someone who is results-driven, highly motivated and hungry for change in your personal and financial life, reach out to me today.


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